About us

Why we created (domainname)

Aftertrying out various sex dating platforms, we had the idea of helping others byproviding information about the most well-known sites. We put this idea intopractice and have received a great deal of support from friends and other usersof dating sites. We aim to offer useful advice to prospective users of sexdating platforms while presenting an accurate picture of what is currently onoffer. We hope that you find our site helpful.

How does (domainname) work?

Theteam at (domainname) keeps an eye on the latest developments onsex dating websites, talks to users and opens test accounts to find out whichare the best sites for people who live in the UK. We want to make it easier foryou to choose the best site for you by gathering useful and interesting informationon individual service providers.

No guarantees...

Althoughwe always strive to offer information that is both accurate and up-to-date, wecan offer no guarantee with regard to the correctness of the provided data orprices. If you would like to draw anything to our attention, please don’thesitate to contact us. We always welcome suggestions and criticism, since thishelps us to improve our sex dating platform comparison service.